v OBCD collaborators


In addition to our investigators, the OBCD has brought together a world-class team of collaborators to support the project.

  • Dr. David Adams: Dave Adams is the leader of the Mouse Genetics project at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. With this project he aims to generate phenotyping data for over 160 genetically modified mouse lines per year.

  • Dr. Laurent Beck and Sarah Beck-Cormier: Laurent Beck and Sarah Beck-Cormier are based at The Center for OsteoArticular and Dental Tissue Engineering. Their research is focused on characterisation of new intracellular functions for PiT proteins (sodium co-transport/phosphate Slc20a family) in the pathogenesis of skeletal tissue.

  • Dr. Jacques Behmoaras: Jacques Behmoaras’ group at Imperial College London is focused on the genetic determinant of osteoclast/macrophage multinucleation and its potential effect on inflammatory disease and bone homeostasis. There is a specific interest on systems-genetics approaches combined with animal models of inflammatory diseases.

  • Professor Michael Campbell: Michael Campbell is a Professor of Medical Statistics at the University of Sheffield. He has a wide range of research interests which include sample size estimation and design of complex interventions.

  • Professor Andrew Carr: Andy Carr is a Professor of Orthapaedic Surgery at the University of Oxford. His research interests include the genetic determinants of osteoarthritis.

  • Associate Professor Emma Duncan: Emma Duncan is senior staff specialist in endocrinology at Royal Brisbane Women's Hospital and an associate professor with the University of Queensland School of Medicine. Her research interest is the genetic control of bone mass.

  • Professor Robin Leatherbarrow: Robin Leatherbarrow is a Professor with the Department of Chemistry at Imperial College London. His research focuses on the molecular recognition between proteins and their ligands.

  • Dr. Chris Lelliott: Chris Lelliott is Senior Scientific Manager for In Life Phenotyping with the Mouse Genetics Project at WTSI.

  • Professor Christopher Little: Christopher Little is the Director of the Raymond Purves Bone and Joint Research Laboratories with the University of Sydney. His research interests include the mechanisms of the joint pathology seen in osteoarthritis and tendon and inter-vertebral disc degeneration. He is a world renowned expert in animal models of bone and joint disease.

  • Professor Stuart Ralston: Stuart Ralston is the Chair of Rheumatology at the University of Edinburgh. His research interest is the genetic variants of bone disease.

  • Dr. Fernando Rivadeneira: Fernando Rivadeneira is a member of the Department of Internal Medicine at Erasmus University Rotterdam. His research interest uses genetic and imaging techniques to understand the underlying mechanisms involved in age-related bone weakening.

  • Professor Andre Uitterlinden: Andre Uitterlinden is Professor of Complex Genetics at Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam. His research interests include endocrine traits and disorders, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

  • Professor Eleftheria Zeggini: Ele Zeggini is the leader of the Analytical Genomics of Complex Traits project at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. Her research interests include the genetics of musculoskeletal phenotypes.